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Congratulations on the birth of your baby! The days and weeks ahead will be very special for you and your family. We are pleased that you have chosen us as your pediatricians and hope we can help you get your baby off to a good start in life. Your child's growth and development and the unfolding of his/her personality over the next months and years will be fascinating to you as parents. There will be days of despair, confusion and tears, but you will have fun with your baby, learn from your child and share a wonderful kind of love with your child.

Many new parents feel very unsure of themselves at first. As long as your baby is well-fed, well-loved, warm and comfortable, they won't mind that you are less than an expert. You will be surprised at how fast you get to know and understand your baby's needs. The most important thing is for you to relax and enjoy your infant.

Relatives, friends and neighbors will offer advice on child care, but you are the one who must carry out the techniques, put theories into practice and give the loving care. You should do the things that are right for your child and that make you feel comfortable. Each child is an individual, and every family situation is unique, so no general rules work for everyone. We encourage you to use your own best judgment and common sense in caring for your child, but when questions arise and you need advice, please feel free to call us.

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